Veriscape Supports AliPay, China’s Leading Third-Party Online Payment Solution

As innovations arise, Veriscape is ready to respond, and we are proud to announce that Symphonia supports AliPay.

A branch of Ant Financial, AliPay provides consumers and small businesses with secure and convenient financial services. Though it’s best known as being the dominant payment system in China, AliPay has 520 million users worldwide and collaborates with 200 financial institutions to provide mobile and internet payment services.

Veriscape’s eProcurement solution supports AliPay for use in China as well as cross-border online payments. As this popular payment system grows and expands, we are ready to embrace and integrate changes as they come.

At Veriscape, we’re committed to keeping our solutions user friendly and ensuring they integrate smoothly with our customers’ existing systems as well as flexible enough to adapt to emerging technologies. Being agile and responsive helps us to continue to provide a solution that is efficient, cost saving, and flexible.

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