Symphonia is the eProcurement Solutions Suite of Veriscape. Veriscape has been providing high-quality, high-performance eProcurement solutions for over two decades, meeting the needs of our global customers and their rollouts on six continents, in 98 countries, in 25 languages.

With Symphonia, the buying process is streamlined, flexible and user-friendly. The different components within our Solutions Suite work together and can integrate and work with other systems our customers already have in place. Symphonia helps our customers harmonize their system landscapes.

Symphonia is a powerful off-the-shelf eProcurement Solutions Suite. The solution is specifically designed and built with a flexible high-performance architecture. This allows our customers to adjust it to their specific needs and system environments without requiring many resources or time. Customers enjoy a fast time-to-production for the solution and thus recoup their ROI and garner great cost savings rapidly.

Symphonia Is

Cost Effective

Veriscape’s Solutions Suite has a low total cost of ownership (TCO), requiring much fewer resources and time than on average from start to end, implementation through ongoing support. Costly and non-transparent maverick spend is greatly reduced as more global processes are streamlined and automated, and employees are guided to purchase from approved and preferred suppliers and catalogs. Through increased system adoption greater spend visibility is gained, enabling our customers to maximize their hard-negotiated supplier discounts.


From concept through execution, the Veriscape Solutions Suite is at its core designed for flexibility. This means that, if needed, the system can adapt itself and be adapted to specific business and technical requirements of customers. Veriscape’s teams are highly responsive and agile. They work very well in collaboration with our customers’ teams and thus can often very quickly address any new business requirements that are bound to come up in a changing global business climate and with changing regional regulations. Customers are empowered to be in control of their own flexible solutions environment, and can thus remain nimble to react efficiently and timely to changes required of their environments.

User Friendly

User Friendly

Veriscape’s Solutions Suite is user-friendly and easy to use. Business process flows in the system are designed to be straightforward and intuitive, so that customers’ end users need only a few minutes, if any, training to use the solution efficiently. This increases overall system usage, reduces error rates, and speeds up the process for completion of tasks. Customers have achieved high end-user-satisfaction ratings and adoption rates because the solution is easy to use across their organizations, independent of function or geographic location. High system-adoption rates mean that customers are delivering on the cost savings they have targeted and beyond.

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