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What is ProcurementFlow?

ProcurementFlow is a cloud-based platform that radically changes how the procurement function works. It is made for procurement teams to manage their work and cooperation with internal and external partners.​

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Features and Benefits

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Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

All communication with potential and existing suppliers. Contracts, conditions, spend, quality incidents, past and planned events are all captured from a single source.

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Smart Automation & Notifications

Simple automated RFI/RFP/RFQ workflow. Predictive alerts to notify about process abnormalities. Automatically capture all updates, comments and link these with process.

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Supplier Portal

Let suppliers do more! Move the communication with potential and existing suppliers away from personal mailboxes and let suppliers update their details or use it to send out important updates.

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Workflow via smartphones

Need for goods or services reach Purchasing department through system. Time saved for Purchasing team thanks to easy to start approval workflows. Purchasing teams can now save time by approving workflows and requisitions via smartphones.

Key Industries


ProcurementFlow serves multiple industries across Europe, North America and APAC


Automotive | Technology | Industrial | Food & Beverages | Construction | Agriculture | Maritime | Hospitality | Real Estate | Government |

Renewable Energy | Non Profit 

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Partnership Announcement

Veriscape Selected by ProcurementFlow to Deliver Source-to-Pay Solutions for APAC Customers


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