Veriscape’s patented Organic Computing technology, NetCentric Virtual Supercomputing Infrastructure™ (NVSI™) is a radically different way to organize infrastructure and software. It allows for data structures and connections to be grown organically, on-demand, as needed, based on available data and users’ and companies’ actual usage and input.

Its organic growth of data structures is based on how the human brain organizes information. The software itself evolves over time and finds patterns. As it encounters new data, information and usages, it recognizes separate components and how they link together, making smart connections.

Veriscape’s NVSI technology was invented by Veriscape’s founding scientists, PhDs in Neuroscience. Their unique combined backgrounds and experiences in biology and computer science allowed them to see that organic computing is a way to solve a class of problems, challenging business problems, many of which were otherwise computationally intractable, and thus lacked economic viability. The traditional engineering methods tended to result in fixed and rigid structures, but a more organic approach could solve an additional host of problems and business challenges, in a rapid and highly economical manner.

NVSI can adapt existing hardware into a virtual supercomputer, and uses innovative application software and networks to create unprecedented access to information.

The unique NVSI technology has a feedback loop, which feeds data back into itself in terms of what is important based on user actions and activity. The technology builds up a template of patterns and is then able to serve users in more relevant ways. For customers this can mean extreme time and cost savings, and having highly relevant and adaptable solutions specific to their unique business process requirements readily available.