Creating and Developing Your Ideal Supply Base

The job of a procurement team is not just finding the lowest price for a product. Putting together the best possible supply base possible for an organization is a far more complicated process. It requires strong analytical skills, strong communications, and plenty of research. While price is always a consideration when considering prospective suppliers, the right supplier isn’t necessarily the … Read More

Creating Procurement Success with Supplier Diversity

Finding the right suppliers can be a challenge, and it’s a critical part of any procurement team’s job. The best partnerships come from cultural compatibility, having common goals, mutual respect, and so much more.  It’s not simply about picking the supplier who can offer the lowest price, it’s making sure that the supplier that is chosen is really the best … Read More

Predictive Analytics: The Future of Procurement

With advancements in AI and machine learning, a supply chain that can generate in-depth analysis is highly desirable and vital. The goal for many executives is to have an analytics system so advanced it can notify an organization of potential problems before they arise and effectively minimize risk exposure. But before we can predict what will happen in the future, … Read More

Building the Right Team for Today and Tomorrow

Technology in business is constantly changing and advancing. As businesses adopt more and more complex technical solutions, it’s normal for managers to worry if existing personnel have the tech skills that will be required not only today but in the future. At the same time, some of those workforce members are concerned about their own usefulness and job security as … Read More

New Patent Granted to Veriscape

Veriscape is proud to announce that we have been granted a new patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The new patent is just one of a sequence of patents that make up our Organic Computing technology, NVSI™ (NetCentric Virtual Supercomputing Infrastructure). The dynamic memory management of the newly granted patent helps to optimize memory and memory access for … Read More

How Sustainable Procurement Is Good for Business

Whether it’s the result of pressure from customers, board members or just a sense of personal responsibility, sustainability is a topic at the forefront of procurement. Sustainable practices can focus on environmental, economic or social impacts, and these require a complex set of solutions to ensure sustainability goals are met. It can be as complex as ensuring conflict-free mineral sourcing … Read More

Veriscape Supports AliPay, China’s Leading Third-Party Online Payment Solution

As innovations arise, Veriscape is ready to respond, and we are proud to announce that Symphonia supports AliPay. A branch of Ant Financial, AliPay provides consumers and small businesses with secure and convenient financial services. Though it’s best known as being the dominant payment system in China, AliPay has 520 million users worldwide and collaborates with 200 financial institutions to … Read More

Veriscape Receives Supplier Excellence Technology Award from Delphi Automotive

Veriscape, Inc. has received a 2016 Technology – Pinnacle Award for Supplier Excellence from Delphi. The award recognized Veriscape for its ability to focus creative resources and help Delphi deliver globally relevant solutions that capitalize on the megatrends of safe, green and connected. “We value our collaborative partnership with Delphi, and we are honored to receive this award. Veriscape’s commitment … Read More