Top 7 Tips for Building Supply Chain Resilience

Resilience is a muscle that individuals can build, so it seems like it’s entirely possible for organizations to develop and grow resilience as well. We’ve consulted procurement insights and used our own expertise to compile some of the best tips around for succeeding in a crisis. 1. Make Sure You Have Accessible Data The first step here is having a … Read More

The Future of Procurement: Making the Most of a Perfectly Good Crisis

It feels like there has been some sort of shortage of virtually every product at some point in 2020 and 2021. One thing that has been plentiful is supply disruptions; there have been plenty of those. The weak links in the chains were often revealed dramatically by reaching their breaking point. So, where do we go from here? We’ve learned … Read More

Is Best-of-Breed the Best Option?

For B2B software solutions, buying an All-In-One solution that covers many bases or buying several Best-of-Breed solutions is always the question. Many large companies strongly consider an “All-In-One”, at least at some point in their sourcing process, for a variety of reasons. The thinking often goes that one solution can take care of many “must-haves,” and there’s only a single … Read More

Spend Matters Takes a Closer Look at Symphonia

Normally, we use this space to talk about ourselves or various supply chain issues, but we also like to know what others are saying about us. We are thrilled that the team over at Spend Matters  took the time to perform a Vendor Analysis of Veriscape and our Symphonia SupplyChain™ solution. They did their research, got customer feedback, asked the … Read More

Making Your Solutions Work for COVID-19 Recovery

The world is decidedly different than it was in the summer of 2019, and it can be hard to keep up with all the changes to how we’re doing business. Despite all of these changes in the world, most of us are navigating it with the same systems we had years ago. It’s already become evident that needing ink signatures … Read More

The Behaviors and Attitudes That Set Resilient Organizations Apart

We’ve all been wondering for at least the last several months what tips and tricks we can use to make our businesses more resilient. It’s worth taking a step back, though, and looking at what resilient businesses fundamentally do differently. It’s not just an issue of getting through the current or the next disruption intact; it turns out that the … Read More

Community Resilience Strengthens Business Resilience

We are all looking to build resilience into our businesses, but it’s worth remembering that resilient businesses and organizations are not an island unto themselves. For organizations to be resilient in the face of disruption, the communities they are in must be resilient as well. Obviously, an organization can’t keep moving forward if every disruption leaves its surrounding community struggling … Read More

Supply Chain Resilience Strategies for an Ongoing Crisis

It’s likely that many if not most supply chain professionals have experienced disruption at some point in their careers. Whether disruptions come from a natural disaster, a man-made accident, or some sort of civil unrest, most of these disruptions have a finite time in which they took place. A major storm could cause a disruption, but it will be over … Read More

Supply Chain Risk & Resilience: Short-term Strategies for Disruption

Supply Chains, especially global Supply Chains, are always facing a variety of potential risks. From natural disasters and transportation failures to political instability and cyber security, risk is a potential from many different directions. While it’s likely that any global organization has dealt with incidents of localized disruption, a rolling, global pandemic is posing a whole new set of challenges. … Read More