New Patent Granted to Veriscape

Veriscape is proud to announce that we have been granted a new patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The new patent is just one of a sequence of patents that make up our Organic Computing technology, NVSI™ (NetCentric Virtual Supercomputing Infrastructure). The dynamic memory management of the newly granted patent helps to optimize memory and memory access for the task at hand. Memory can be reoptimized as it is needed depending on changes in usage.

NVSI was developed by neuroscientists, and its organization is modeled after the human brain and how the brain organizes information. It grows organically based on available data along with the users’ actual usage and input. The system grows and adapts as the organization grows and transforms. The result is highly flexible business solutions that can be used to address a multitude of complex problems.

We are excited about this patent, and the others in the NVSI sequence, because of the possible application of this type of technology in terms of developing and evolving Artificial Intelligence, including Learning Networks. With the massive amounts of dynamic data that large organizations and their Supply Chain departments produce, AI will be able to make classifications and predictions based on that data faster and more efficiently than has previously been possible. Not only will this make that abundance of data more transparent, accessible and useful, it enables workers to concentrate on building more effective strategies and stronger partnerships, allowing people to focus on the parts of their jobs that use the best of their talents and abilities.