Making Your Solutions Work for COVID-19 Recovery

The world is decidedly different than it was in the summer of 2019, and it can be hard to keep up with all the changes to how we’re doing business. Despite all of these changes in the world, most of us are navigating it with the same systems we had years ago. It’s already become evident that needing ink signatures on a form, whether it’s an invoice or a timesheet, isn’t working well in a virtual, out-of-office world. Greater automation is important to nearly every industry. One study shows that digital adoption has jumped forward about five years in a matter of about eight weeks.

Chances are that if your organization had plans in place to replace large systems, they’ve likely either been moved up to the top priority… or pushed back five-plus years.  What can we do to make the most of the systems we already have in place as we move forward towards recovery? While implementing a whole new ERP or human resource management system may not be a realistic goal right now, there are ways to make the most of the systems you already have.

First, you may want to analyze the systems you have in place. Are they working effectively with all the new challenges we’re facing? If not, figure out why or what’s needed. Maybe there are features to your current systems that you haven’t used before, or a small Change Request you can ask for to your existing solution, that would help with some of your current pain points.

If there’s no obvious fix for your problem, consider an add-on solution. No system or provider can solve every problem that could possibly arise. Perhaps instead of looking for a big monolith system that can tackle every challenge, it might be worth finding a smaller, best-of-breed solution that can work with your existing systems.

If any of your business app issues are procurement related, why not contact Veriscape today and let us help you. Our end-to-end procurement solution may be the fix you’re looking for, and it’s highly flexible to work with many of your existing legacy systems.