Is Best-of-Breed the Best Option?

For B2B software solutions, buying an All-In-One solution that covers many bases or buying several Best-of-Breed solutions is always the question.

Many large companies strongly consider an “All-In-One”, at least at some point in their sourcing process, for a variety of reasons. The thinking often goes that one solution can take care of many “must-haves,” and there’s only a single decision to make rather than a handful. For large organizations especially, the decision-making process can be long and complicated enough that having to go through the ordeal multiple times can be a nonstarter.

However, an All-in-One does have its drawbacks. They don’t necessarily adapt easily to existing (legacy) systems. Often large, do-it-all solutions have many different components and are really many different solutions originally from different vendors, often acquired through M&As, and are being marketed as one solution. However, these diverse systems’ architecture can vary greatly and the combined systems are often not in harmony. All too often the integration between those components leaves something to be desired.

Luckily, going all-in on an All-In-One doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for smaller, customizable, more nimble solutions that work in conjunction with those larger, more inflexible systems. Small Best-of-Breed technologies, like Veriscape’s Symphonia SupplyChain™, can be integrated seamlessly with larger systems, such as legacy ERP environments, so there’s no reason to throw out existing systems and investments. Instead, we can help you leverage them. It turns out that Best-of-Breed really can be the best option.

With Symphonia SupplyChain, the Veriscape team can give you the intelligent procurement, approval workflow, and spend capture functionality you need within the system you already have. There is no need for a pricey upfront data cleansing project and the numerous consultant hours that go along with it. Veriscape can bring an easy-to-use, customizable solution right where it’s needed, without you having to give up what you like or need about existing supply chain systems.

Find out more about Symphonia SupplyChain here and please contact us with any questions. We look forward to helping you in your successful transformation journey.