IntelleCat™ is a key component of Symphonia™, Veriscape’s eProcurement Solutions Suite. IntelleCat enables eCatalogs, of all formats, from all kinds of suppliers, small and large, for products and services. It allows end users to navigate and search the supplier content quickly and easily.

IntelleCat is scalable and can be used by organizations of any size. It is also extremely flexible and can process Requisitions for Goods as well as Services and Special Requests. It is a One-Stop-Shopping solution that allows for quick searches across multiple suppliers. IntelleCat is an extremely easy to use eCatalog solution. It takes only about ten minutes of training for an end user to be able to use it effectively. The user interface is straightforward and intuitive.

The approval process within IntelleCat can be configured to fit the process and audit requirements of a given customer. This helps the purchasing department as well as department supervisors to contain costs while improving compliance and transparency. IntelleCat provides a full approval audit trail.

IntelleCat is used:
  • on 6 continents, in 98 countries, in 25 languages (including all European, Asian, Arabic, Hebrew) for over 20 years
  • in global industries including pharmaceuticals, automotive, chemicals, conglomerates, services, energy, manufacturing, and more
  • by over 500,000 users globally
  • With customer environments having enabled as many as 500–2000 eCatalogs for both Goods and Services
  • Integrating with customers’ many different ERP environments
  • with a system uptime of 99.8%

With flexibility and usability in mind, IntelleCat is available in different forms to meet our customers’ needs.

  • IntelleCat is available as a SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) solution
  • IntelleCat is available as a cloud-hosted solution
  • IntelleCat is accessed by customer’s authorized users and suppliers over the web.

Where customers prefer, IntelleCat can also be made available for customers on premise.

How does IntelleCat do that?
  • IntelleCat is based on a flexible and scalable architecture and design, allowing for rapid content enablement and search
  • IntelleCat does not require much, if any, user training, as it is intuitive for both administrators and end users
  • Customers require minimal resources on their end to maintain their data for IntelleCat
  • IntelleCat allows for many different and flexible formats for data upload, which enables customers and suppliers to rapidly enable content and master data.
  • IntelleCat does NOT require customers to undergo any pre-requisite and expensive master data cleansing projects – as many other technologies out there DO require.
  • IntelleCat Search is so easy to use that Shopping Requisitions can often be created and submitted for approval in 4-5 clicks.

We measure our success by our customers’ successes and their positive feedback. We’re proud that IntelleCat has received these accolades:

  • Customer independent survey gave IntelleCat an 89% end user satisfaction rating
  • Customer independent evaluation rated IntelleCat as the tool with ‘the best usability’ among the major market players
  • Winner of major Global Fortune 1000 customer’s ‘Supplier Excellence’ award in Technology
  • Customer’s IntelleCat project highly commended for ‘Transformation’ by globally leading industry panel and awards association