Building the Right Team for Today and Tomorrow

Technology in business is constantly changing and advancing. As businesses adopt more and more complex technical solutions, it’s normal for managers to worry if existing personnel have the tech skills that will be required not only today but in the future. At the same time, some of those workforce members are concerned about their own usefulness and job security as automation becomes more commonplace.

Building the right team is an ongoing project for nearly every organization. Often hiring managers worry about finding the exact right candidates with the perfect experience and advanced technical know-how. However, usually the more important thing is to build an effective and diverse team with trainable members. It could be that a potential team member with plenty of technical skills might not be open to learning new processes or taking on different tasks. This will likely lead to problems down the road as technology and business needs inevitably change. An adaptable, trainable employee who is eager to learn will likely be able to roll with changes as they come.

When employment is high and job seekers seem to be scarce, it can feel like the ideal candidate is rare. It’s important to factor in the soft skills that potential team members might have, as well as those of the team who are already in place. Remember that it is tough to train for adaptability and fresh ideas. Additionally, a workforce that is full of diversity of experience will lead to diversity of ideas. This variety of ideas will only help to overcome challenges introduced by new innovations. A sustainable, trainable team can become the technical experts of the tools they use every day.

Also, those capable team members shouldn’t fear for their jobs. So far, automation continues to augment human effort, not replace it. While repeatable tasks may be handed off to the robots and machines, human interactions and human ideas are still irreplaceable.

Every tool and every solution does not need to be built in house. The key is to make the most of your workforce by putting the right tools, such as Veriscape’s Enterprise Symphonia solution, in their hands.