Veriscape is proven to build and deliver groundbreaking business solutions that are both cost-effective and empower our customers to position themselves at the forefront of innovation.

How do we do this? Veriscape’s world-class multidisciplinary R&D team focuses on the intersection of science, engineering, and usability and is thus able to deliver fast, straightforward solutions to many of our customers’ complex problems and challenges.

Our goal is twofold:

  • To extend existing business applications and services so that our customers experience increased business value and impact, and…
  • …to build new business applications and differentiated services for which previously no solution was economically feasible.

Veriscape’s approach to building high-performance, adaptable business software starts with science. Veriscape’s R&D team, led by scientists, work with our engineers and artists, and input from our customers, to develop robust and scalable business solutions that meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Veriscape’s teams are agile and responsive, offering multidisciplinary skillsets and expertise through decades of experience. With an expert, diverse, and multinational workforce, we are positioned to understand and listen to our global customers and their needs. With this blend of expertise and understanding we can partner and collaborate with our customers to continually further enhance our dynamic, creative and innovative solutions.

Veriscape has global operations, with its headquarters based in New Mexico, U.S.A., a home for world-class computer scientists and engineers, focused on multidisciplinary break-through technologies, ideas, and innovations.

Veriscape Vision Statement:

  • We believe our most important assets are people.
  • Our customers are not faceless corporations, but people with hopes and dreams of their own.
  • Our employees are not merely “human resources” but individuals who joined us because we share a common vision.
  • Our investors are people with dreams for their future who have entrusted us with making their money work hard for them.
  • We believe that it is possible to build quality software profitably, and, therefore, we strive continuously for engineering perfection.

“We Strive Continuously for Engineering Perfection”

Veriscape’s Origins

Veriscape was incorporated in May 1999. Prior to incorporation, Veriscape commissioned a team of world-class computer scientists, neuroscientists and mathematicians to develop a new approach in the high-performance computer-software space. The project goal was to develop a novel architecture that economically solves a class of complex computational problems requiring high-end parallel processing throughput, but that did not justify the expense of a dedicated supercomputer.

The R&D team reviewed the original work in computer design all the way back to the seminal works of Alan Turing and John von Neumann. Our team believed it was possible, with the advent of new technologies, to build a virtual machine in software that performs large-scale parallel computations, provides parallel data access, and adapts its structure in response to previous outcomes and to evolving changes in the problem space. The result was the design for a NetCentric Virtual Supercomputing Architecture (NVSI)™, which is the foundation of science that underlies all Veriscape technology.

Along the way of transforming the theory of NVSI to practical implementation, the team came upon a rather remarkable discovery. They realized that the NVSI organic computing concept could apply not only to extremely complex problems, but also to a wide range of business problems across different industries. The significance of this finding has profound commercial implications. Any performance-constrained, network-based application that requires increased speed, data access and scalability is a candidate for the NVSI technology. The result of this engineering effort was the creation of several innovations that are patented and in the patent-application process.