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Are you looking to increase your Supply Chain’s transparency, streamline your eProcurement processes, and trim costs so that you are better prepared for the future?

Veriscape is partnering with IBM™ to deliver a cost-effective and user-friendly Procure-2-Pay solution. Together, Symphonia™ and IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network™ can help to dramatically increase your end-to-end eProcurement efficiency, while enabling Watson AI-powered Supply Chain Insights™, at a low cost.

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Veriscape provides our customers with a powerful off-the-shelf eProcurement Solutions Suite, Symphonia™. Symphonia helps our customers to harmonize their global eProcurement processes and systems to drive further value from their existing landscape and investments.

  • Symphonia is designed to enable our customers a low total cost of ownership (TCO), requiring much fewer resources than on average from start to end, implementation through ongoing support.
  • Symphonia offers easy-to-use web interfaces simplifying end user tasks while providing for great flexibility and allowing for rapid time-to-production and high adoption rates.
  • Symphonia drives your savings by automating and harmonizing your global procurement processes while increasing compliance and internal transparency, reducing maverick spend, and maximizing your supplier discounts.
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IntelleCat™ is a key component of Symphonia, Veriscape’s eProcurement Solutions Suite. It allows for rapid global eCatalog content enablement and cross-supplier searches. It enables end users to create catalog and eRequest-type requisitions and submit them for approval with only a few clicks. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, IntelleCat streamlines the shopping requisition and approval workflow process.

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Veriscape’s patented Organic Computing System, NetCentric Virtual Supercomputing Infrastructure™ (NVSI™), is a groundbreaking architecture and design for a different way to organize software and its infrastructure. Its organic growth of data structures is based on how the human brain organizes information. The software evolves and finds patterns, and adapts itself over time to our customers’ usage and business needs.

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Veriscape is Cost Effective

Customers enjoy a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with all of Veriscape’s solutions. Veriscape’s solutions are designed to be implemented and run requiring minimal resources and training.

Veriscape’s easy-to-use solutions enable customers to streamline their global processes for consistency and efficiencies, and thus enjoy savings gained through increased automation, transparency, and supplier discounts.

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Offering Flexible and Fast Solutions

Veriscape’s solutions are flexible and fast in order to meet our customers’ changing business needs and global usage patterns. Designed and implemented by our world-class team of scientists, engineers, and designers, our solutions are built from the ground up for flexibility, speed, and ease of use. Our customers’ success stories are a proof of this winning combination.

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Easy-To-Use Proven Enterprise Solutions

Ease of Use is key for achieving high adoption rates for an enterprise system.
Veriscape’s enterprise solutions are proven to be user-friendly and intuitive, as evidenced by our Global Fortune 1000 customers’ many years of expanding global usage, rapidly achieved high adoption rates, and high end-user-satisfaction ratings. Veriscape’s intuitive user interfaces mean that end users need only a few minutes, if any, training to use the solutions efficiently.

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